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Fidelity DPF-7005F Digital Photo Frame

- Compatible Memory Cards: SD / MMC / MS /XD
- Resolution:480 x 3 (R.G.B) x 234
- Memory Card Capacity:8 MB ¿ 1 GB
- Viewing Modes: Auto Fit /Pan Scan /Fill /Original /Height Fit /Width Fit
- Package Contents: Digital Photo Frame / Power Adapter    /Stand /Manual

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iQ 8" Digital Photo Frame

Twin Light Technology produces sharp, bright images with rich color and offers a wide viewing angle.
Easy to use – simply insert compatible memory card into the side of the frame for plug & play operation.
User friendly on-screen display makes it easy to manage and view your files.
Built in stereo speakers allow you to play MP3 audio files while displaying your JPG or MPEG 1/2/4 photo or video files.
Includes full function remote control and AC power adaptor.
Includes 1GB Internal Memory.

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Fidelity DPV-80GB Digital Photo Vault

Stores up to a MILLION photos (800 x 600 photos – 80 KB average size). File management and one touch backup.

Memory Card Compatibility: SD/SDHC/MMC/MS/CF/XD/USB
File Format Supported: JPEG(up to 32 MP)/BMP (up to 12 MP) MP3 / WMA / WAV/ MPEG 1/2/3 (.AVI )/ MJPEG/ TXT
Memory: 2.5” IDE HDD 80 GB
Memory Card Capacity: 8 MB – 16 GB
Slide Transition Effect: Random or 14 selectable effects
Display Position: Portrait / Landscape / Auto Rotate
Language Options: English/ French/ Chinese/ Spanish/ German
Remote: Yes
Resolution / Aspect Ratio: 800 x 600 / 4:3


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Fidelity DPF-7030F Digital Photo Frame

Display digital pictures directly from digital camera memory cards. Built-in memory card reader eliminates the need for a computer, camera or Internet connection.

Versa frame features central TFT Digital panel and two standard print frames on ends

7“ Multimedia TFT LCD Panel
Memory Card Support: SD/SDHC/MMC/MS/USB
Resolution: 480 x 234
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 / 4:3
Picture Support: 12 Mega Pixels
File Format Supported: JPEG/ MPEG 1,2,4/ WMA/ MP3
Memory Card Capacity: 8GB Maximum
Rotation: 0 /90 /180 /270 Degrees
Display Position: Landscape
Language Options: English/ French/ German/ Italian/ Dutch/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Polish
Remote: Yes
Calendar: Yes
Clock / Alarm/ Auto Power: Yes
Package Contents: Digital Photo Frame / Power Adapter /Stand /Manual

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Fuji Instax 200 Instant Camera & Film

With its rounded shape, easy-to-hold side grip, and fingertip controllable composite control panel, the instax 200 offers vivid, high-quality prints almost instantly.

Its automatically-adjusting flash, high-resolution retracting lens and big clear viewfinder add up to unsurpassed performance.

Dimensions 178.5(W) x 94.5(H) x 117.5(D) mm
Weight 650g (without batteries, strap and film)
Film: FUJIFILM Instant Color Film “ instax ”

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Camera Armor Protective Skin

Custom Engineered for most popular dSLR cameras,

Camera Armor is an always on, protection system consisting of 4 parts: An elastomeric silicone Body Armor, a Lens Armor, a Lens Cap Lanyard and a Polycarbonate LCD Shield.

The precise fit covers up all of the important parts of your DSLR camera to protect it from impact, abrasion, dust and fingerprints without sacrificing any necessary camera functions or adding additional weight. Camera Armor provides protection in action and is uniquely designed so that all of the camera controls and access ports are completely functional and accessible without taking the camera out of the jacket. You can put the Camera Armor on your camera and leave it there while in your bag or taking pictures.

For maximum protection, this Camera Armor comes equipped with Lens Armor and lens cap lanyard as well as a clear polycarbonate LCD shield that protects the rear LCD screen from daily abuse.

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KATA Elements Cover

The E-702 elements cover protects pro D/SLR with up to 200mm lenses and allows you to continue shooting in harsh weather conditions. It slips quickly on and is secured using the adjusters, and pull-cords. Access is available to all camera and lens controls via the two spacious side sleeves, and the transparent TPU enables easy monitoring all the time. An adjustable stiff hood fits a variety of lens diameters. A full-length double zipper ensures complete closure when hand held or on a tripod.

The E-690 elements cover is an excellent and practical cover for zoom cameras up to a small D/SLR with small lens (camera must have protruding lens). When suddenly caught in the rain, the E-690 slips quickly over your camera and allows you to keep on shooting. Access is available to all camera and lens controls via the two side sleeves, and the transparent TPU enables easy monitoring all the time. Full-length double zipper provides bottom closure when hand held or on a tripod.

Other models available: from $69.99

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DataColor Spyder


Quick, Easy, and Accurate Monitor Calibration
Calibrate your display - just like professionals. Spyder2express™ calibrates monitors in three easy steps - simply plug it in, specify your display type, and it does the rest, automatically calibrating your monitor or laptop. Check the before-and-after. You'll see the improvement!


Display Calibration for Serious Photographers
Serious photographers and creative pros require a high degree of color accuracy; from capturing images, to digital editing and printing, Spyder3Pro™ delivers. This third generation colorimeter comes equipped with new state-of-the-art optical design and photo-centric user interface providing accurate, reliable and consistent color.


Display Calibration for Professional Photographers and Studios
From capturing images to digital editing and printing your work, you can rely on consistent, accurate color throughout your studio and digital workflow with Spyder3Elite™. Designed for the way photographers work, Spyder3Elite is the next generation in calibration accuracy, precision and speed, allowing you to create profiles to your specifications and bring a new level of color control to your work.


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Flash Waves Kit

Wireless synchronization from your camera to your studio strobe
No cables to break or to trip over
Enhance your creativity and maintain contact with your subject
165 foot operating range
10 coded channels eliminates misfires from other sources by locking out other strobes
Use the hot shoe feature to fire on-camera type flashes remotely
Synchronizes at shutter speeds up to 1/180th of a second
LED low battery light indicator
PC outlet on the receiver to accept PC to RCA phono jack (cable included)

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Olympus DS-2

High-performance instrument professionals need to get the job done. A built-in stereo microphone ensures crisp stereo sound and 64MB of internal memory supplies 22 hours of recording time (LP). Record via voice activation or from the easy-to-use buttons on the face of the recorder. With slow, fast, skip, and repeat playback options. Featuring DSS Player software for editing, archiving and more and a USB docking station for fast and easy file transfers.

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Giottos Rocket Blower

Large squeeze blower, a must is any camera bag or darkroom.


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Camera Armor Seattle Sling Bag

The Seattle Sling™ protects your gear while you’re on the move. Whether you’re hiking the rain-forests of Perú, sailing the San Juans, kayaking Prince William Sound, or riding an adventure bike from Paris to Dakar, the Seattle Sling™ will keep your gear protected from the elements.

Features & Benefits
• No zippers – proven dry-bag technology works every time
• Roll three times – dirt, dust, sand, and water stay out
• Impact protection – padded inner box keeps your gear safe
• Quick access to your gear – don’t miss a shot

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Vivitar 6000AF Macro Ring Flash

Uses AF camera's TTL circuit for exposure control
Guide Number - 59 (ISO 100 in feet)
Auto Flash Range - 0.5 inches to 10 feet
Calculator Chart - Printed on reverse
Flash Duration - 1/1000 second in manual mode; 1/1000 to 1/40,000 second on auto TTL mode

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Small Waterproof Cases

Ideal for small point and shoot cameras, GPS units or other delicate instruments


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Quickpro Camera Guides

QuickPro Camera guides are brimming with great tips and tricks to get the most out of your camera. QuickPro Camera Guides teaches you the fundamentals of digital photography applied to your Nikon D90. With these new tools you will be able to gain confidence in your skills and take your pictures to a new level. QuickPro Camera Guides your camera, made simple.

* Detailed menu for easy navigation for specific topics
* Professionally produced and hosted
* Step by step instructions
* Easy to understand
* Learn at your own pace

MAJOR topics covered:

* Automatic and Manual settings
* Shutter speed
* Aperture
* Megapixel
* Image Sharpness
* Composition
* Metering
* and many more…

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Magic Lantern Guides

The book that covers what the manual left out. These are available for most popular film and digital SLR cameras.

Available in book and DVD format.


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Waterproof Cases

Larger Waterproof cases for cameras, lenses and equipment.

Products from Pelican, Underwater Kinetics, and Otter Box

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Kata 3 in 1 Sling Bag

Kata’s new 3N1 sling backpacks morph from sling to backpack and back again providing ultimate freedom of use. These unique bags hold and protect your camera equipment as well as everyday accessories while allowing you quick draw for shooting. Three varying sizes take equipment ranging from a small kit to a large kit for extended shooting.

All 3 sizes in stock

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Photographic Filters

We stock many of the popular photographic filters. We stock the Hoya R72 Infrared as well as Hoya ND8 (-3 stop) Neutral Density filters. Other filters from Kenko, Tiffen and Tamron.

R72: Used for photography with infrared films. lnfrared film is also sensitive to ultraviolet rays and the shorter wavelengths of the visible spectrum so it is necessary to filter out all but the infrared rays. R72 passes only infrared rays above 720nm.

Neutral Density filters are often ignored by photographers, but they have several uses and offer the possibility to achieve otherwise unachievable results. ND filters appear grey and reduce the amount of light reaching the film, they have no affect on color balance.

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Gift Certificates

We know how hard it is to buy gifts for a photographer, so Galaxy Camera offers Gift Certificates in various denominations from $5.00 an up. Ask our sales associates for more details.


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